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VGA-RGB converter

Interface function Transform VGA signal into BNC coaxial signal. also have sync on Green(SOG) and RGBHV sync separation signals
Input interface 5BNC / DB15pin(VGA )
Output interface BNC(SOG),5BNC(RGBHV)
RGB channel Input impedance:75 Ω or high-resistance (By the impedance switch control)
Adjustable gain distribution (factory settings 0db )
Band: 300MHz(-3db)
Output impedance: 75 Ω
Synchronous channel Input impedance: 75 Ω/ 1K Ω (J5 J6 jumper setting )
Input level: 0.7-5V p-p
Output impedance: 75 Ω
Output level: TTL
Composite sync:negative polarity (OUTPUT1/OUTPUT2)
Sync-On-Green:negative polarity 0.4V
Power Supply 220V/50Hz
Dimensions (D×W×H) 235mm × 155mm × 70mm
Weight 1.5kg
Input signal Sync-On-Green SOG 、Composite sync RGBH/V(4BNC)、Separation sync RGBHV(5BNC)。
Feature set
Input impedance switch (RGB) Press―the low resistance 75 Ω, lift― high resistance. When using direct input-output, should be placed lift, and vice versa
LED Power indicator-POWER, Input indicator-INPUT
Sync-On-Green Dip switch 2 is set to "ON"-Sync-On-Green
Composite sync Dip switch 1 is set to "ON"-Composite sync
Monochrome output R, G, B channels can be transformed into monochrome output , Input -G,Control-J1 、J2

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