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Industrial Monitor
Open mount  
 Open frame LCD monitors are bare metal framed monitors with different form factors including metal/plastic housing, touch screens, digital/analogue/video inputs jacks and water/dust resistant IP standard, and tempered glass. Voyage-tech produces a wide range of various panel sizes including 6.4”. 8.4”, 10.4”12.1”, 15”, 17”, and 19” even the enormous 40” for the POI market as well as for the industrial segment.
Product Title Model Description
15″Open Frame HC - E15LX XGA1024x768、VGA、DVI、RCA、S-Video
12.1″Open Frame HC - E12LX XGA1024x768、VGA、DVI、RCA、S-Video
17″Open Frame HC - E17LH SXGA1280x1024、VGA、DVI、RCA、S-Video
19″Open Frame HC - E19LH SXGA1280x1024、VGA、DVI、RCA、S-Video
6.4"Open Import K06AV-F OpenImportMonitor、6.4″、VGA640x480、VGA
8.4"Open Import K08AS-F OpenImport、8.4"、VGA800x600、DB15pin(VGA)
10.4"Open Import K10AS-F OpenImport、10.4"、SVGA800x600、DB15pin(VGA)
10.4"Open Import K10PS-F OpenImport、10.4"、SVGA800x600、DB15pin(VGA)、RCA、S-Video
12.1"Open Import K12TX-F OpenImport、12.1"、XGA1024x768、DB15pin(VGA)、DVI、RCA、S-Video
12.1"Open Import K12TS-F OpenImport、12.1"、SVGA800x600、DB15pin(VGA)、DVI、RCA、S-Video
12.1"Open Import K12EX-F OpenImport、12.1"、XGA1024x768、DB15pin(VGA)、RCA、S-Video
15"Open Import K15TX-F OpenImport、15″、XGA1024x768、DB15pin(VGA)、DVI、RCA、S-Video
15"Open Import K15PX-F OpenImport、15"、XGA1024x768、DB15pin(VGA)、RCA、S-Video
17"Open Import K17TH-F OpenImport、17"、SXGA1280x1024、DB15pin(VGA)、DVI、RCA、S-Video、CFCard
17"Open Import K17PH-F OpenImport、17"、SXGA1280x1024、DB15pin(VGA)、RCA、S-Video
17"Open Import K17BH-F OpenImport、17"、SXGA1280x1024、DB15pin(VGA)、DVI、RCA、S-Video、CFCard
19"Open Import K19BH-F OpenImport、19"、SXGA1280x1024、DB15pin(VGA)、DVI、RCA、S-Video、CFCard
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